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2013 Ubuntu App Showdown

I’ve decided to enter this years Ubuntu App Showdown, coming from a design background and having never built a native app before I’ll be learning as I go.

I thought a simple but useful project I could start with would be to build a mobile version of one of those boards they have in tube stations that tell you the status of the lines. Fantastically TFL give access to the APIs they use to to power their boards and bus stop displays so I signed up for a key to use personally to play with and work it all out, I think I will have to request a new key if I chose to release the app.

I’m going to start simple and just build the tube status checker, but if it goes well and I get the time I might have a go at adding in bus stop lookups into it too. I’ve created a repro at where you can follow the commits and I will journal the progress here.

It’s not going to be an app with a lot of international appeal but it will hopefully be useful to the poor souls that have to brave the tube.

Please send any ideas, help or feedback and once there is something functional built report any issues on Github.